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Looking for Information on your Antiques ?

Don't know about you , but when I started researching years ago,information use to be free.

Now you have to pay, I really get annoyed when I click on a site to get information on an item, that I googled for and what do I get a picture and if you want to know the going price you have to sign up and pay monthly dues.

I have noticed that there are more sites charging for information, or to just look.

I love blogging because you can share I can share and I am not being charged to look.

I would call it window shopping .Remember those days, maybe some websites should say on the google search " no loitering".

I for sure,I could save some time. All in all I love having my own personal Library in my own home, "I have a real one too".

Now to the Good stuff, I joined up free to a antique site that is awesome, folks who know a little about this and a little about that, your bound to find someone who knows something about your items.

If you are interested in selling, or who to sell with,there are folks from all different auction sites, they will tell you what they like and don't like.

Good stuff on here, looking for a free valuation,if someone knows they will tell you.

Its about people helping people, making friendships and connecting at a business level.

So I Highly Recommend I Antique website , Yes you can window shop in the real sense :)
Feel free to connect with me on their site as well.

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